When autumn comes was co-created by Michael Farber for our graduation project.
The band (Random dogs) wanted to convey that feeling of love
we feel every time autumn comes around.
When I met Nanulla she told me "I want this to be humorous and chill".
The song was about falling in love with two guys, who share the same name, on the same day, and it had a cool old school style that resonated with me, we got set on a design and rest is history.

My LoopDeLoop submission for the prompt BUG.
I wanted a big reveal with a cute twist, and so spider boy was created.
For my 2nd semester I wanted to tell a story about a subject that is as alien to me as the designs I'll make.
My third ever animation, a frame by frame old school Warner Brothers inspired animation about a cow boy bear and his nemesis.
It's a me, Ramio!
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